love is a fixed wkl tkl.

the board was designed for comfort in mind, as well as giving a minimal appeal to the whole thing. the top and side bezels took into account and were equal to other thicknesses that were throughout the case, such as the distance between the f-row groupings as well as the distance between the number row and the f-row. this was done not to over complicate the look with many different thicknesses going around.

as the board was designed for comfort we only had a single plastic plate, which with research we decided on polypropylene as the material as it is even softer than poly-carbonate. this allowed for a very bouncy and flexible typing experience that had a very nice typing sound.

technical details:

  • 3.7 degree typing angle
  • fixed wkl polypropylene plate
  • top mounted plate
  • aluminium 6063
  • brass left uncoated
  • supports h87a PCB and others with a similar footprint